Make Improvement Easier, Better, and Faster

By Developing a Team of Effective Problem Solvers

Lean Leadership Core:  How to Coach Problem Solving is an online course + supported implementation process designed to help operations managers and Lean practitioners stop DOING the problem solving all of the time and instead to start COACHING problem solving so you can finally build an improvement culture that drives better results, faster.

I understand how it feels when you're always super busy, but not making the sustained improvement gains you want.

Are you struggling with . . .

  • Getting out of firefighting mode?

  • Finding the team jumping to countermeasures before problem definition?

  • Playing the role of Go-To "Answer Person"?
  • Fixing symptoms instead of root causes?

  • Not knowing what to say in the moment during coaching conversations?

  • Not tackling problems strategically and systematically?

Imagine the possibilities if . . .

You had a team full of problem solvers proactively working on improving the business and creating more value.

Problems were truly defined, targets set, and countermeasures effectively tested and evaluated - consistently.

Improvements and countermeasures were sustained - without you having to manage compliance.

You had more time to focus on the strategic imperatives that matter most to customers and the organization.

The Question Is . . . 

How can you upgrade the team's abilities and effectiveness when you're already super busy and putting in tons of effort?

The Answer Is . . .

Transition from being the primary problem solver
to an effective problem-solving coach.

Hi, I'm Jamie

As a regional manager at FedEx, I had dual responsibilities: full operations management and P&L accountability for multiple locations across the country - PLUS - responsibility for leadership development and continuous improvement for the division.

As our culture shifted and we delivered results, I was asked to take Lean leadership development to Officer & Director teams as well as field-based management teams in other divisions.

I was invited by Mark Graban to author Chapter 6 in Practicing Lean. And I've taught at premiere Lean events and groups like the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, American Society for Quality, Iowa Lean Consortium, and Printing Industries of America - with invitations to return year after year based on student feedback.

I also help private client organizations accelerate their results by developing leaders' coaching abilities.

Because these skills matter. I know you're going to put in a ton of effort to your job anyways - you're that kind of reliable, committed leader. You might as well make your effort count and deliver a bigger impact by improving how you coach on a daily basis.

I've been teaching these skills to teams in-person for years . . . 

. . . and now I'm making the same transformation accessible for you.

Join Us In
Lean Leadership Core:
How to Coach Problem Solving

A 4-Month Virtual Lean Leadership Development Program that builds your coaching skills through both learning and practical application.

Help your team create more value.

Learn the exact steps to establish effective problem-solving coaching skills: how to start, what to say, and how to avoid the common coaching pitfalls.


Practice your coaching skills with safe learning communities and supportive peers to move from theory to real-world skill application.


Through practice, reflection, and adjustment, master the skill of coaching problem solving so that your team improves and drives real, measurable results.

"Jamie's group mentoring was a perfect platform to gain perspective and reassurance on the journey. This program helped me convert a vision into actionable steps for results!"

          - Chris, Senior Plant Manager

"Because of Jamie's program, I think differently when interacting with team members. I don't jump in, but coach them effectively so they can work through the problem on their own."

          - Sandy, Continuous Improvement Manager

"I am no longer the 'Doer' on everything. Now I listen and coach the team. And together, we accomplish more than we ever did before."     

          - Brian, Operations Manager

Learning + Implementation + Consistency = Culture Change

Learn Powerful Coaching Skills

Each of the targeted 5 on-demand training modules will lead to powerful shifts in your leadership behaviors - that create powerful shifts in your team.

Implement to Get Results

Use the Implementation Workbook to follow step-by-step so you move from learning to application. Add on peer feedback in the community and live calls to build mastery.

Be Consistent to Shift the Culture

Use the private online peer community and the live support calls for accountability. So you can create consistency in your crazy world. Consistency that leads to culture change.

(1) Enroll In the Program and Get Started

(2) Watch the Training Videos and Practice What You Learn

(3) Get Support on Live Calls and in the Private Online Community

(4) Develop a Team of Problem Solvers

"Jamie's program changed both how I solve problems myself and how I help my team solve them without me.

It was energizing and life changing."

          - David, TPM Regional Supervisor

"I had the ultimate Ah-Ha in what I was doing wrong in coaching. And I got the training and practice to actually fix it and change my behaviors."

          - Kevin, Department Manager

"My team is no longer defensive! We now collaborate well together and I'm watching their problem solving skills improve."     

          - Adam, Senior Operations Manager

What's the Investment?

How much is the status quo costing you now? What isn't getting done that should be? How much waste does the team experience when problem-solving cycles aren't executed effectively? What improvements or initiatives sit on your "someday" wish list because you just don't have the time or energy to tackle them now?

Sticking with business as usual may be costing you a great deal.


Lean Leadership Core: How to Coach Problem Solving

And Get

  • On-Demand Access to training and downloads for all 5 modules
  • Practice and application exercises for skill development
  • Implementation Workbook for step-by-step guidance
  • Live Q&A and Practice calls to overcome obstacles that would normally hold you back

  • Private Online Peer Community for additional support and encouragement
  • BONUS: How to Ease the Pain of Change online training to help your team navigate change

It's everything you need to learn and implement:

Which Option Works for You?

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4 Monthly Payments of $164

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"Jamie is, without question, one of the most passionate Lean thinkers I've ever encountered. Her drive, ambition, and never-quit attitude are a true inspiration."

          - Ron Pereira, Gemba Academy

"I didn't just learn a ton. I also practiced the specific coaching skills that make me a better leader today."

          - Ben, Chief Operating Officer

"If you want to build a team of leaders and problem solvers take this course – it was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken! This is not just theoretical learning; this is practical experiential learning."

          - Elizabeth, Associate Director of Production Operations


How much time will this take each week?

I get it – I know you’re busy! You’ll get on-demand access to all of the teaching videos and downloads. Whether you like to "binge-watch" or watch in 15-minute increments, it's all on your schedule. Every live call is recorded and added to the portal. The program is flexible. Keep in mind, this program is all about implementation - so to get the best results, you'll want to set aside time to practice what you learn.

Do I have to be a Lean expert to benefit from this program?

No. This program can be customized to fit your needs – whether you are just starting out or are two decades in.


What if I can’t attend the Live Q&A and Practice Sessions?

I know you have competing demands for your time. Every call will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience if you are unable to attend live.

How long will I have access to the program?

You’ll have full access to all of the learning content, downloads, and live calls for four full months. This is designed to give you time to learn, practice, and improve your skills.

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for operations managers who are practicing continuous improvement in their business as well as Lean practitioners who are supporting internal teams. This program is not for individuals who align with command-and-control management or who are looking for a system to delegate to someone else. Coaching is a skill that takes time and effort to develop. You should be dedicated to learning, practicing, asking questions, and listening to other students in the program.

What if my organization isn’t using a specific problem-solving methodology?

That’s okay. Most organizations and leaders I work with are using a primary problem-solving methodology (thinking process) such as PDCA thinking, A3 thinking, 8-Step Problem-Solving thinking, or Kata thinking. If that’s not you, this program may still be a good fit. In the Overcoming Obstacles module, I answer the question “How do I get started if I don’t have a dedicated problem-solving methodology”, and I provide you some starter resources and recommendations for moving forward.

Is this a Coaching Kata program?

No. This program teaches you the skill of coaching problem solving in a way that you can apply to any problem-solving methodology or thinking process. What you learn in this program will align with and support the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata approach and help you learn how to better respond during your Coaching Kata sessions. It will help you determine appropriate follow-up questions and how to respond within the Coaching Kata framework. It isn't Coaching Kata. It supplements it well.

Does this program teach me how to problem solve?

No. This program is not for learning a problem-solving methodology or how to apply scientific thinking to problems. Instead, this program helps you transition from being the primary problem solver to developing the problem-solving capabilities of others by building your coaching skills.

 Is pricing per person or per organization?

This program is designed to help you develop your coaching skills, and pricing is per person. If you have 10 or more people in your organization who want to enroll, group discounts are available. I also have packages that include onsite training and implementation support for organizations who want more support. Email me at to discuss discounts and organizational engagement opportunities.

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Pay Monthly
4 Monthly Payments of $164

ENROLL NOW and Pay Monthly
Pay Upfront
One Payment of $597